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Streambed – natural, interactive water play
Slides – curly and drop
Climbing Wall – single user, 17 feet high, over the plummet pool
Sand Play – for young children
Diving Board – one-meter
Vortex – circular current pool
Competition/Activity Pool – 8 lanes, accessible entry ramp
Treehouse-Themed Play Feature – water playground with large dump bucket
Water Feature – water spray structure outside the pool complex

School’s NOT in session Hours
May 31 – Aug 20

Lap Swim Monday – Friday 6 – 8am | 11am – 12pm
Toddler Swim Monday – Friday 8 – 11am
Open Swim Monday – Friday 12:30 – 8pm
Open Swim Saturday/Sunday 11am – 8pm

School’s in Session Hours
May 25 – May 30
Aug 21 – Sept 2

Lap Swim Monday – Friday 6 – 8am | 11am – 1pm
Open Swim Monday – Friday 4 – 7pm
Open Swim Saturday/Sunday 11am – 7pm

Amanda Blair Frank
Fri, 02 Aug 2019 17:06
Absolutely ridiculous. I purchased 3 tickets sitting in the parking lot of Crystal Lake and I’ve never received an email, a confirmation, code, etc etc... and because I didn’t sign up for an account (because your system did not force me to nor advise me I MUST have an account), I can’t access my tickets. Then, throw insult to injury in when I did try to make an account, it says there’s already an account under that email. So, naturally, I go to reset my password and I finally get a message that says “ you will receive instructions on how to reset your password in a few minutes”; that was an hour ago. So, I’m sitting in my car, trying to reach someone at THEGOTSPOT and can’t seem to find a phone number, chat, or any other attempt to contact customer service other than emailing bc you say “it’s the fastest way to get in touch”. This is a nightmare after the completely insane week I’ve had and all I wanted to do was finally take my son and his 14 yr old cousin swimming to have some fun and get away from the insanity. Apparently that’s not going to happen unless somehow someone magically sees my comment or email. Thanks GOTSPOT for being absolutely useless.
Fri, 02 Aug 2019 19:31
Amanda the email you provided to us has returned our reply as undeliverable multiple times. This is the source of your problem.
Crystal Lake Park Family Aquatic Center
(217) 239-7946

1401 N Broadway, Urbana, IL 61801

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