Tour Edge Golf NRIRGA58 MRH Bazooka Rally Wedge 58 Degree Recoil Graph A


The Rally Wedge is designed to give players the freedom to be creative around the greens. If an approach shot leaves you with a challenging up-and-down, the Rally wedge will get you back on the green, no matter what kind of lie you have. Tour Edge engineers took great care in formulating the shape and design of the Rally wedge.

The Rally’s high-toe allows players to open the head for high, soft-landing flop shots. The cambered sole is more rounded for minimal turf interaction regardless of lie conditions. Maximizing versatility, the concave flange incorporates a medium bounce angle for any turf or sand condition.FeaturesMen’s Right HandBazooka Rally Wedge Recoil Graph SeriesLoft – 58 DegreeBounce – 10 DegreeLie – 64 DegreeLength – 35.25 in.Flex – ALaunch – HighTorque – 5.2

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