Four Pack I Vaccinated Card Keepers


Perfectly protect and display your Vaccination card anytime, anywhere needed. You have vaccinated and this is the proof that you need to keep. You can now place your Vaccination card neatly in this card keeper without it getting damaged or lost. The card keeper is made to accommodate your latest Vaccination card, which is a record you need to keep in case you need to travel. Now you can safely say I Vaccinated with your card keeper, and easily and conveniently access it any time you need it.

Details: The card keeper is transparent and made of PVC material. It easily displays as well as protects the Vaccination card. It measures 3*4 inches to fit the standard size Vaccination card. Get more, each sold separately.

Connie Macedo
Sun, 16 Jan 2022 13:25
I purchased 2 of these back in the Fall and only received one pack of 4. Have tried multiple time to reach out and resolve, but have heard nothing in response.
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