Essential 2 In 1 Vaccination Card And ID Card Holder


Perfectly protect and display both, your Vaccination card, and your ID. No need to worry about losing your very important travel essentials, which are your Vaccination Card And ID Cardholder. You can now place them together in one cardholder neatly without them getting damaged or lost. This cardholder is made to accommodate your ID card, Credit card, or Driver’s Licence, as well as your latest Vaccination card, which is a record you need to keep in case you need to travel. Keep your Vaccination Card, and ID together in this cardholder, it’s an easy and convenient way to access your Essentials.

Details: It fits the standard size Vaccination card, which measures 4.5 x3.25 inches. You can also accommodate your ID and Credit card. Select from various colors. Get more for each of your family members.

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