This touchless sanitizer Auto Motion sprayer protects you from germs and viruses.

It truly is the need of the hour in so many ways.

DETAILS: TOUCHLESS HAND SANITIZER DISPENSER: Intelligent infrared sensor, nano-level microporous atomization. No need to touch or press and keeps your hands more hygienic. Just put your hand up the sensor and the automatic dispenser will spray a good coating of the sanitizer solution on your hands quickly and conveniently. (Sensing distance <7.87inch). EFFICIENT & ENERGY-SAVING: Every time an object is detected, the sprayer will continue to provide 20 seconds of spray, making it a safe and energy-saving device, and can effectively wash hands at the same time. Using ABS material, it is designed to be leak-proof design and safe to use.

The USB rechargeable battery can be automatically turned Off after 24 hours and can be used for 4-8 days on a single charge. 360-DEGREE SPRAYING: Matte texture, don’t look at the low volume of the transparent volumetric flask. It adopts the Whale spray design, which can greatly save the amount of sanitizer used, and the 360 degrees spraying is 10 times easier than any other sanitizer dispenser. PORTABLE AND UNIVERSAL:

This electric induction sprayer has an ideal stroke size, built-in 1800ma Lithium battery. It can be carried around in the handbag, car, backpack, suitcase, work bag, etc., to conveniently sanitize one’s hands, phones, steering wheels, door handles, switches, or remote controls while before entering, during, and while exiting any place.

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