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The Ironshire Express is ideal for first-timers or those seeking a leisurely ride. This 6-mile roundtrip excursion takes you on a comfortable journey through the heart of Berlin, often referred to as “America’s Coolest Small Town.” Pedal past historic buildings and into vast tracts of farmland and coastal pine forests.  

A Fun Activity for All,  The Ironshire Express is perfect for families, friends, or couples. The railbikes comfortably seat two or four people, allowing you to share the experience and create lasting memories together. The gentle pedaling required makes it suitable for most ages and fitness levels.

Planning Your Ironshire Express Adventure The Ironshire Express departs from Tracks and Yaks’ location on Broad Street in Berlin. Tours last approximately 1.5 hours, making it a great way to spend an afternoon. For an even more enriching experience, consider exploring the charming town of Berlin before or after your railbike adventure.

Tracks and Yaks: Your Gateway to Adventure The Ironshire Express is just one of the exciting experiences offered by Tracks and Yaks. With their commitment to showcasing the beauty of the Eastern Shore, they provide a unique way to explore the region’s history and landscapes. So, hop on a railbike, breathe in the fresh air, and discover the magic of Berlin and the Eastern Shore with Tracks and Yaks’ Ironshire Express!

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