FREE! Strengthen Math, Reading, IQ and Science For Ages 3-15 With Unlimited Three Months Access to IntelliSeeds


IntelliSeeds helps prepare your child for the school and provides academic enrichment with over 3000 skills across Math, Reading, Language Arts, Science and Thinking Skills. Fun based smart learning with gifts and reward points.

- Each membership includes access to over 3000 skills and 50,000 questions.

- Assessments can be sorted by age, topic and practice or time-bound (speed) assessments

- IntelliAbility section includes puzzles, mental ability, critical thinking and other brain development skills that help enhance intelligence and IQ

- Math section includes counting, story problems, geometry and other everyday math topics

- Reading and Language Arts section covers comprehensions, inspiring stories that help influence character, poems, grammar topics such as noun, verbs and many more


IntelliSeeds helps encourage your child’s education outside of the classroom, strengthens his or her skill set and also helps prepare your child for gifted programs and talented tests. It is designed for ages 3-15

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